About Krista

The short version of Krista’s life is that she was born in Berlin (West), studied in beautiful Greece and married a handsome dutch guy which brought her to Breda, Netherlands. Her career path went though the administrative and financial sector, but her creative side pulled her into a life more expressive and intuitive.

She started making mosaics driven internally. It began with a simple ceramic mosaic course and extended to the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp (Wilrijk). Advanced workshops from international mosaists added to her skill and knowledge.
Krista likes to combine materials, artificial or natural: be it ceramic, glass, pebbles or marble. Having studied the old techniques, she now uses these in a more modern contemporary approach.

Krista is a member of ProMosaico, a mosaic association that promotes mosaic art in the Benelux and in Europe.


Artist Statement

Mosaics are a reflection of my own life. Every country I have lived or traveled had its own life time, full of experiences. All these together create Krista, like all the different parts and materials make the mosaic.

The person I am today and the reason why I am mosaist, is the combination of situations and inputs through my life, that triggered the love for mosaics and creation of new mosaic art. In the ancient places and museums I was visiting with my Greek parents every summer, I got in a magical world full of symbolism and mythical-war-love stories. I still find it amazing how art, made from marble, pebbles and glas could survive for centuries, letting them be the only sustainable evidence of culture, architecture, art and creativity.

Mosaics fascinate me, not only because they can combine the old with the new, but also because they combine colors and materials. My favorite material is marble. Every piece of marble has his own untold perdurable story. Then there are the pebbles, so colorful and playful; they lie on the beaches, like golden coins in a treasure chest. Smalti and ceramic are essential sources of colour.

I love the imperfection in mosaics, which makes them yet so perfectly interesting. They are a broken picture and yet a very whole one. Many times my mosaics are done intuitively and result a harmonic composition. And many other times it includes a joyful colour or material study.